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People usually believe marketing is just a process of advertising to help sell their product. However, marketing is much more than just selling a product or service. Marketing has different aspects such as market research as to what kind of product or service a customer wants, what the pricing should be, sales strategy, advertising. It also includes finding out the customer satisfaction level after the product is launched. 

Advertising  has become a huge industry and there are many advertising agencies in the market. Advertising is basically communicating the efficiency and the purpose of the product through different sources to the target consumers. This is done to increase sales of the product or the service offered by a company. 

Advertising requires creativity and good master over the words to create a sales campaign which will attract consumers. As there are lots of advertising agencies, the competition in this industry is very stiff. Creating a marketing campaign requires a lot of imagination and one should know the pulse of the target audience. 

Marketing offers a huge range of roles to start with and is a good industry to grow with for the right candidate. However, anyone who wants to get into marketing or advertising agencies should have a degree or other related education in marketing.


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